Forging Hot Iron

Using your own horseshoes to create a lasting memory & keepsake



Create a memory heart or feather from your horseshoes. 

These are hand-forged and with a smooth finish. They are a perfect way to create a keepsake to remember your four-legged friend by. 

Each piece is carefully heated up and formed into its unique shape. They are quenched in oil to give protective finish against rust so they remain timeless.


To create your forever feather or love heart, I will require a set of their shoes to be sent to me. Once the shoe arrives, I will get to work forming your keepsake for you to cherish forever.


Bushes Forge is located at Bushes Equestrian Center. The Forge is nestled under a small cops ancient Yew Trees in Dorset. The location has always given me a great sense of peace and inspiration. Each feather develops its own shape and personality. Upon its completion, it will be posted back to you. You may wish to have an image of your horse produced in digital form, to help you remember in the best way.  

Forever Feather

Hand Forged £30.00

Remember with this unique keep sake.  


Jonathan Nuttall

Memory Love Heart

Hand Forged £20.00

Turn your shoe into a love heart to remember by. 


Jonathan Nuttall


Edit your favourite photo to print off. £20.00

Tastefully rework any image to create a digital copy for you to print with full rights.


Jonathan Nuttall

If you would like to place an order for any of the above please message me using the form below.

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